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Updated February 2023
All shows are active and with multiple seasons.
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Best +200 B2B SaaS Podcasts Directory - Save hundreds of hours finding & pitching podcasts | Product Hunt
It would take 300+ hours for me. What a goldmine! Thank you for sharing this with us!!! GG
Steven Homes
Growth Hacker (via ProductHunt)
This is awesome. I will be using it soon for outreach. Thank you!
Rob Slate
Founder (via Product Hunt)
I’ve been searching for a comprehensive list of podcasts to listen to, and this is exactly what I needed!
Mila Di Bella
Head of Marketing (via Linkedin)
The fact that all shows are rated +4 gives me confidence that I’m not wasting my time on subpar podcasts.
Vince Moreau
CEO, Founder (via Linkedin)
A great resource for B2B SaaS enthusiasts! Kudos to you for saving everyone time and energy with this comprehensive directory!
Samar Ali
Developer (via Product Hunt)
The best contact info available is just icing on the cake!
Rebecca John
Growth Hacker (via Product Hunt)

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