How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts as a Guest


  • Understand your target audience: Know their interests to find relevant podcasts.
  • Apply the 80/20 principle: Prioritize podcasts, creating a list of twenty target podcasts.
  • Identify industry influencers: Look at the podcasts they’ve appeared on to find similar opportunities.
  • Use curated lists and directories: Use platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts to discover podcasts in your niche.
  • Find show notes pages: Use this for contact information and craft personalized outreach emails.
  • Utilize podcast booking services: Services like “Get booked on a podcast” service,,, and Podchaser Connect can be helpful.
  • Be an exceptional podcast guest: Be punctual, entertaining, and provide value, stay connected with the host after the appearance.
  • Ask for referrals: From podcast hosts to secure additional guest appearances and expand your network.

What are The Strategic Advantages of Podcast Guest Appearances

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Expanding your reach to targeted audiences

In the B2B SaaS space, podcast guest appearances offer a unique opportunity to expand your reach to highly targeted audiences. Podcast listeners tend to be loyal and engaged, making them the perfect prospects for your business. Guest appearances allow you to showcase your expertise, offer valuable insights, and establish trust with potential customers.

Cost-effective brand awareness and authority building

Podcast guest appearances are a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and authority. With minimal investment, you can access new audiences, share your company’s message, and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This increased visibility can lead to more referrals, partnerships, and ultimately, more sales.

Generating high-quality leads and driving sales

As a B2B SaaS CEO or marketer, guest appearances on podcasts can generate high-quality leads and drive sales. Podcast listeners are often decision-makers within their organizations, and your insightful discussions can influence their purchasing decisions. By offering value through your podcast appearances, you can turn listeners into leads and eventually, customers.

Approach #1: Direct Outreach to Podcast Hosts

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Step 1: Curate a list of ideal podcasts for your niche

Begin by curating a list of podcasts that cater to your target audience. Focus on podcasts that discuss topics relevant to your industry, have a strong following, and align with your brand values. Use podcast directories, social media platforms, and industry forums to discover these podcasts.

Step 2: Assess the compatibility of target podcasts

Once you have a list of potential podcasts, assess their compatibility with your brand and objectives. Look for podcasts that regularly feature guests, have a professional production quality, and maintain a consistent release schedule. The podcast’s audience demographics should also align with your target market.

Step 3: Obtain podcast host contact information

Gather contact information for podcast hosts, such as email addresses and social media handles. This information can often be found on the podcast’s website, host’s LinkedIn profile, or through a simple Google search. Be sure to keep track of this information in a spreadsheet for easy reference.

Step 4: Master the art of pitching

#1: Captivating subject lines

Create a captivating subject line that grabs the attention of podcast hosts. Keep it short, intriguing, and relevant to the podcast’s theme.

#2: Establishing context and relevance

Establish context by briefly introducing yourself and your company. Explain your motivation for wanting to be a guest on their podcast and demonstrate your expertise in the subject matter.

#3: Crafting a compelling pitch

Craft a compelling pitch that highlights your unique insights, experiences, and value proposition. Be concise and persuasive, showcasing the benefits of featuring you as a guest.

#4: Addressing potential objections

Anticipate potential objections and address them in your pitch. For example, if the host may be concerned about your availability, assure them that you can work around their schedule.

Brainstorming content ideas to showcase expertise

Suggest potential topics or episode ideas that showcase your expertise and align with the podcast’s themes. This demonstrates your commitment to delivering value to their audience.

Demonstrating added value for podcast hosts

Show how featuring you as a guest will benefit the podcast host. Highlight your existing audience, willingness to promote the episode, and any synergistic opportunities that may arise from collaborating.

The Streamlined Pitch Template for Success

Combine all these elements into a streamlined pitch template that you can easily customize for each podcast host. A well-crafted pitch will increase your chances of securing guest appearances and forging strong relationships with podcast hosts.

Approach #2: Utilizing Podcast Guest Matching Platforms

Use our “Get booked on a podcast service”

Our “Get booked on a podcast service” is designed to help you find and secure guest appearances on relevant podcasts. We take care of the outreach and coordination, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional guest experience.

PodMatch: Simplifying the guest discovery process

PodMatch is a platform that automates the podcast guest discovery process, matching podcast hosts with potential guests based on their interests and expertise. Create a profile, specify your niche, and PodMatch will connect you with relevant podcast hosts looking for guests like you.

Podchaser Connect: Connecting with podcasts tailored to your niche

Podchaser Connect is a service that connects experts and influencers with podcast hosts in their niche. By creating a profile and showcasing your expertise, you can increase your chances of being discovered by podcast hosts looking for guests in the B2B SaaS space. Streamlining guest search for podcast hosts is an online platform that helps podcast hosts find and connect with potential guests. By joining their directory, you can increase your visibility among podcast hosts actively searching for guests in your industry. Facilitating connections between podcasters and guests is a networking platform that connects podcasters with potential guests. Create a profile, showcase your expertise, and browse through a directory of podcasts to find hosts that align with your target audience and niche. Connect with hosts directly through the platform to secure guest appearances.

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