30 Days of Growth

Dec 31, 2023

Dashboards, Guides, Databases

What’s inside?

This growth bundle has a step-by-step 5-minute video on how I run growth sprints with the workbook.

Plus, you’ll find my top 30 growth tactics – they’re really helpful for finding your SaaS growth levers.

Have a closer look!

1. Workbook

AARRR Pirate Metrics framework is an acronym for a set of five user-behavior metrics that product-led growth businesses should be tracking: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue:

Acquisition – How are people discovering our product or company?
Activation – Are these people taking the actions we want them to?
Retention – Are our activated users continuing to engage with the product?
Referral – Do users like the product enough to tell others about it?
Revenue – Are our personas willing to pay for this product?

🟢 Why I love using this framework:

  • Enables data-driven decisions.

  • Offers revenue funnel insights that impact your bottom line.

  • I use it along with agile methods for identifying growth levers and quick experimentation.

This workbook will help you to work each pirate metric systematically:

  • Key questions

  • Key metrics

  • Key insights

2. Top 30 Growth Tactics Database

This notion database includes 30 Growth tactics classified by:
🚀 AARRR Framework classification (acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, referral)
🚀 Potential Impact & Tactic Efforts
🚀 Examples from other SaaS, screenshots, and actionable steps

Ready to evaluate in a glance so you can cherry-pick with/ your team and identify low-hanging fruits to work on this last quarter.

🎣 Lead Generation
📢 Marketing
💸 Sales
😃 Customer Success
🚀 Activation
🛠️ Product
💹 Revenue
…….+20 categories