10 Podcast episodes about SaaS & AI

In this article, we delve into 10 handpicked podcast episodes that shed light on this intersection, highlighting the profound impacts, challenges, and potential that arise when AI meets SaaS. From discussions about Generative AI and Machine Learning to practical applications and future implications, these podcasts offer an invaluable resource for any entrepreneur, startup founder, or tech enthusiast looking to navigate the transformative world of AI in SaaS.

The Impact of Generative AI on Software by SaaStr Podcast

Venture Capitalists and SaaS founders worldwide are buzzing about the potential opportunities Generative AI could bring. Even amidst a more conservative fundraising market in 2023, startups leveraging this technology are attracting investor attention. Tomasz Tunguz, Founder & General Partner at Theory Ventures, suggests that startups with an efficient Go-to-market (GTM) plan are still likely to secure funding, reminding us that efficiency is now as crucial as growth, if not more.

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OpenAI CEO on GPT-4 and the Future of AI By Lex Friedman

As the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman is at the helm of pioneering AI technologies like GPT-4, ChatGPT, DALL-E, Codex, among others. This episode provides a valuable peek into the company’s vision, driving its cutting-edge AI innovations.

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How to Use Open AI to Convert Leads to Customers By Perpetual Traffic

Hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam chat with Shaun Clark about lead nurturing strategies, emphasizing speed to lead, and the essential role of AI in business. The conversation covers how AI can help improve content creation, image optimization, and how to leverage AI for efficient lead conversions.

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How Machine Learning and AI Can Help You Make Efficient Pricing Decisions By Impact pricing LLC

Alex Galkin, Co-Founder and CEO of Competera, discusses pricing optimization and the influence of Machine Learning in SaaS. In this episode, he helps listeners understand the pricing models they use at Competera and offers insights into their journey.

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Generative AI w/ Samyutha Reddy & CJ Donio from Jasper By Exit Five

With Generative AI becoming a hot topic in marketing, this episode provides a deep dive into how teams can leverage AI technologies like Jasper to create content and generate ideas at scale.

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Using AI To Gain A Competitive Edge In B2B Sales By Sales Talk for CEOs

This episode focuses on the innovative applications of generative AI in B2B sales, including the creation of hyper-personalized communication that truly resonates with target audiences, all achieved with the help of AI-assisted storytelling.

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ChatGPT: Goldmine or Minefield for Indie Hackers? By The Bootstrapped Founder

ChatGPT is gaining widespread attention, but what are the implications for businesses built on it? This episode takes you through the risks and opportunities of entrepreneurship in an AI-driven world.

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Mailchimp’s Head of Data Platform on Using AI to Improve Email Marketing By AI Business Podcast

David Greenberg, Conversica’s Chief Marketing Officer, joins Matthew DeMello, Senior Editor at Emerj, to explore the challenges that sales and marketing teams face in converting leads into opportunities. The duo also discus how data and AI can address these hurdles, aiding enterprises to expand their outbound marketing sustainably.

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AI’s Impact on The Sales Profession By The GTM Podcast

John Barrows, CEO of Sell Better by JB Sales, gives a nuanced overview of how AI and sales automation are transforming the sales profession. This episode is a must-listen for sales professionals aiming to understand and prepare for this seismic shift.

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AI for Customer Experience Focused Marketing By AI in Business Podcast

David Greenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Conversica, returns in this episode to talk about data’s role in sales and marketing. He and Matthew DeMello discuss strategies for sales and marketing teams to sustainably grow their outbound channels and reduce friction from high SDR turnover.

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There you have it – ten fascinating episodes delving into the intersection of AI and SaaS. Each one provides valuable insights from experts and thought leaders in the field, making them a valuable resource for anyone interested in this rapidly evolving sphere.

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Federico Martene

Federico Martene is a SaaS enthusiast; his interests lie at the intersection of business and technology, focusing on project and product management. Federico aims to contribute meaningfully to the SaaS landscape.