Break Free from your Revenue Plateau

Identify and double down on your ICP

→ Early-stage SaaS. $1M to $5M ARR.
→ CEOs, Product/Growth leaders.

Break Free from your Revenue Plateau by Else van der berg |

Who is it for?

You’ve built a solid SaaS product. Your early users love it, and it seems to work for a bunch of different folks. But there’s a catch, right?

When you’re trying to be everything to everyone, things get muddled. Messages aren’t clear. The product starts to feel cluttered.

You’re dealing with multiple versions. Your team is being pulled in all different directions.

You feel like you’re stuck, aren’t you?

Your revenue plateau is giving you sleepless nights, and you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t we be growing faster?”

This is why it’s crucial to start thinking about your most valuable customers. You know, the ones who love your product the most. The ones who represent the bulk of your revenue. Your ‘number one’ target audience or Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

So who is this for? If you’re a SaaS CEO, making between $1M and $5M, and feel stuck on a revenue plateau, this is for you.

It’s time to focus and double down on your ICP. This might be your ticket off the plateau.

How it works

Join Dr. Else Van der Berg in a one-week sprint.

Move from a long list of potential target audience segments to the #1 segment for your company to focus on.
Identify your #1 target audience
based on ranking by showstoppers and nice-to-haves
Outline your assumptions on potential audience segments
Write down your guesses about different customer groups
Create alignment amongst stakeholders
Get everyone to agree. Focus on the right target audience segment

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Else helped create clarity on which primary ICP and persona to focus on. Now we have a crisp, battle-tested value proposition
Oliver Schopp
CEO & Founder
Blimp App GmbH

I can help you get alignment on the most important question: “Who’s it for?”

Dr. Else Van der Berg speaking on a Podcast (GTM.News) on how she helps early-stage SaaS CEOs break free from the cycle and scale their business.

Watch the full episode

Focusing on #1 Target Audience
✅ You can refine your product to perfection, making it truly outstanding.
✅ Your marketing message is streamlined and impactful.
✅ You have a clear focus, saving time and resources.
✅ You might experience a small initial dip, but it paves the way for sustainable growth.
✅ You say ‘no’ to nine audiences, but you say a resounding ‘yes’ to one, building a strong relationship.
Across Multiple Audiences
❌ You’re stuck maintaining multiple mediocre versions of your product.
❌ You’re spread thin, juggling different product versions and messages.
❌ Your messaging is diluted, trying to cater to too many audiences.
❌ You avoid the initial dip, but your growth is stunted by a lack of focus.
❌ You’re saying ‘yes’ to everyone, but not making a significant impact on anyone.

The Program

Price: $3.600


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What I ask


Without buy-in and commitment from the leadership team, identifying your #1 target audience segment will not be effective.

The sprint requires the time and energy of your team – without co-creation, no buy in.

What you get


Create alignment and purpose within your leadership team.


To kickstart word-of-mouth, you must focus on a tight-knit community of buyers who actively engage in conversation and rely on each other’s recommendations when making purchasing decisions.

If pilot use cases are scattered over industries and personas, the spark of virality won’t be able to take off


Use your resources in a more focused way.
When all business verticals are focused on the same confined niche, you can build a superior product and tell a more concise and compelling story. Reach the right prospects with the focus, frequency, and powerful product needed to bring them on board.

About your Expert


Meet Dr. Else 👋

Dr. Else is an accomplished Product Lead/Advisor who is passionate about SaaS and an expert in customer-centricity and product-led growth.
-Over a decade of experience with Belrin’s startups
-Helps tech firms grow aligning leadership around target audiences and core values.
-She strongly believes that great products excel at acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization.

Companies that want to build products that inspire customer loyalty will benefit from her strategic expertise.

Find the right audience segment and scale your company

Use the calendar on this page to book a time that works for you.

In just half an hour, we’ll cover:

– Your goals and expected outcomes
– How our process works
– Our experience
– Custom plans based on your needs

We’re happy to go through any questions you might have.