Customer Retention Cost (CRC)

What is Customer Retention Cost (CRC)?

Customer Retention Cost (CRC) is the amount of money a company spends to retain an existing customer.

Detailed Explanation

For a SaaS company, CRC includes costs related to marketing, support, product updates, and any other expenditures incurred to keep customers from canceling their subscriptions. It’s calculated by dividing the total retention spending by the number of customers retained.

customer retention cost formula
CRC Formula. Source: Help Scout

Why It Matters

Understanding CRC is crucial for SaaS CEOs and CMOs as it directly impacts the company’s profitability. By optimizing CRC, a company can increase its customer lifetime value (CLTV), leading to sustainable growth.

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Potential Misunderstandings

One common misconception is that lower CRC always leads to increased profitability. However, a balance must be found as reducing CRC excessively might impact customer satisfaction and eventually, retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is CRC important in a SaaS business model?
    In a SaaS business model, customer retention is typically more cost-effective than customer acquisition. Hence, keeping the CRC optimal helps in maintaining a healthy bottom line.
  2. How can CRC be reduced in SaaS companies?
    CRC can be reduced by improving customer service, enhancing product quality, and offering customer loyalty programs.