Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)?

A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a lead judged more likely to become a customer compared to other leads based on lead intelligence, usually conveyed by closed-loop analytics.

Detailed Explanation

In the SaaS ecosystem, MQLs are potential customers who have shown interest in a company’s product or service by performing certain activities, like filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, or engaging with content. These leads are then nurtured through the sales funnel with targeted marketing actions to convert them into customers.

MQL as part of the Customer Journey.
MQL > Customer Journey. Source: Smartbug Media

Why It Matters

For SaaS CEOs and CMOs, identifying MQLs is pivotal in streamlining marketing efforts and resources to nurture the most promising leads. Understanding and leveraging MQLs help boost conversion rates, improve sales efficiency, and drive revenue growth.

Potential Misunderstandings

A common misconception is that every lead that shows interest is an MQL. However, MQLs are specifically those leads that match the company’s target demographic and have shown buying signals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What differentiates an MQL from a regular lead in SaaS?
    An MQL is not just interested in the company’s offerings but has also shown behavior indicating their higher likelihood to become a customer. This can include repeated site visits, downloads of premium content, or detailed form completions.
  2. How does a lead become an MQL?
    A lead becomes an MQL based on their interaction with the company’s content and their fit with the target demographic. The specific criteria for qualifying an MQL may vary from company to company.