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Mariano Martene

👋 Hey, I’m Mariano Martene

I do growth for B2B SaaS. I’ve worked in marketing for over ten years and have done a lot!

In my last job as Head of Growth, I helped the founders of a SaaS company go from €1M to €2.2M ARR

Before of that I was recognized as one of the top performing agencies by Google Partners Argentina in 2015 while being a one-guy-agency.

Nowadays I run a newsletter where I share resources and bite-sized case studies to grow your SaaS (this site!)

I’m also the city leader for SaaStock Local chapters in Lisbon, Portugal (drop me a message if you’re around)

Connect with me on Linkedin.

Fede Martene

Combining two of my passions, business and technology, has inspired me to venture into SaaS.

I aim to become an expert in two major areas: product management and SaaS growth.

Currently, I am teaming up with my brother to launch SaaS-HQ.com, a hub-marketplace for SaaS experts.

This platform will aim to provide a variety of resources, both free and paid, along with productized services from top-notch experts. Designed to support CEOs and Growth Ops by streamlining processes, it will also enable SaaS experts and creators to use our platform to reach wider & relevant audiences.

Connect with me on Linkedin