Email Marketing: +9 Tactics for SaaS Companies

Did you know that 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email? As a SaaS company, leveraging this preference can be a game-changer. But how can you optimize your email marketing strategy to truly resonate with your audience?

This article delves deep into 9 practical tactics tailored for SaaS companies, ensuring that your email marketing not only reaches your audience but also engages and converts them. By the end of this read, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of strategies that are backed by data and research, all aimed at enhancing your email outreach.

Expect insights on everything from crafting compelling content to segmenting your audience for maximum impact. Let’s embark on this journey to unlock the true potential of email marketing for your SaaS business.

#1 Create a customer Re-Engagement Campaign

Re-engage customers who have become inactive or haven’t made a purchase or used your SaaS product.

Email Strategy: Send targeted emails or a series of emails to these customers. The content should remind them of the value they once found in your product and what they might be missing out on.

  • Offers & Incentives: Provide special offers, discounts, or exclusive features to entice them back. This could be a limited-time discount, access to a new feature, or a personalized training session.
  • Benefits:
    • Increased LTV: By re-engaging inactive customers, you can boost their lifetime value.
    • Feedback Collection: This campaign can also serve as a feedback mechanism. Understand why they became inactive and use this insight to improve.
    • Strengthened Customer Relationship: Personalized re-engagement efforts can reinforce the bond between your brand and the customer.

#2 Email Sequence – Churn

Survey your churn customers. Once they cancel, ask them why.

Send automated emails with a quick survey.

Use dropdown fields with churn reasons + open text field for further info about why they cancel (once a month, analyze the churn reasons).

Based on the churn reason, personalize your follow-up:

  • too expensive —> one-off discount
  • too complex —> Customer Success call / Free Training
  • missing feature —> share product roadmap

Even offer to jump on a call with them. For important customers, call them. During a call, you should ask:

  • Why did you initially start using [Product]?
  • Why have you stopped using [Product]?
  • Is there something that could have been done differently?
  • How are you going to replace [Product]?

#3 Offer an Email Drip Course

Offer an email course to educate potential customers, culminating in a product upsell.

  • Provide high-quality content over a series of days, with each email serving as a separate lesson.
  • Focus on teaching best practices and showcasing your expertise in the relevant domain.
  • As the course progresses, subtly introduce and highlight the benefits of your product.
  • Conclude the course with a strong call-to-action, offering an upsell or special deal for your product to the engaged audience.

#4 Optimize the Product Onboarding Experience

Optimize the product onboarding experience to increase your conversion rate to active and paying customers.

  1. Add progress bars, checklists, and guides in your product onboarding (for product-led growth) to guide signups to the aha moment.
  2. Remove complexity in product onboarding and focus on delivering value as fast as possible (quick time to aha moment)
  3. Optimize for quick-wins (first small aha moments)
  4. Offer enough support (e.g. segment signups and proactively offer sales support)
  5. Embed social proof in your welcome email sequence, signup page, pricing page, and help center.
  6. Set up a powerful welcome email sequence (trigger & time-based).

#5 Personal Touch in Email Communication

#6 Revamp your 1-sentence value proposition

Your 1-sentence value proposition is key for all your sales and marketing communication.

👉  We enable/empower/help [ICP] to [Main Result] by [Solution]

👉  We, [company XYZ], create software/platform for [ICP] that enables/empowers/helps them to [Main Result] by [How]

👉  My/our product/service helps [the target group] who want [jobs to be done] by [minimizing a pain] and [maximizing a gain] unlike [your competitors]

#7 Send a Surprise Bonus Email (freebie)

Send out emails to your B2B SaaS users with surprise gifts or free content.

Segment your user base to target active users or those who might benefit from a re-engagement nudge.

Choose the bonus: it could be an industry report, a discount on complementary services, or an exclusive webinar invite.

Track engagement metrics post-campaign to measure its success and gather insights for future initiatives.

#8 Social proof/testimonials – Welcome email sequence

Add social proof also in your welcome email sequence.

As long as signups haven’t converted to paying customers you still need to ‘sell’ – so the social proof is key. This could be sharing a case study or product reviews.

#9 Try sending a Testimonial Email

Send emails showcasing genuine testimonials from satisfied clients.

👉 Try to match user persona and use case

👉 Highlight specific features or significant benefits of your product within the testimonial.


In summary, email marketing, when done right, can be a potent tool for SaaS companies. We’ve explored nine actionable tactics that can elevate your email campaigns, ensuring they’re not just read, but also acted upon.

Article by

Mariano Martene

Mariano Martene is a Full Stack Marketer helping SaaS around the world grow their business and reach their next milestone. He is currently the Co-founder of SaaS-HQ and has been a b2b marketer for over 10 years, and has launched several successful side projects.